A big step forward into biodynamics

Our journey into organic farming revealed itself as the quest for our primary links to the earth and has awaken our sensitivity to the atmosphere surrounding us; one day, we met Pierre Masson who made us aware of our need, our wish; from then on, since the spring 2001, we have immersed ourselves in biodynamic agriculture: our wines all come from organically certified grapes (Certification Ecocert France 32600 and Demeter certification).
“Indeed, when someone talks about his / her headaches, this person may hint that his / her whole body is suffering from that ailment: for the people around, no need for further talking; they see it, take it into account and act in such a way as to spare that person any further suffering.”
It is the same with vine except that it doesn’t use the same language; therefore, the vine grower must be careful, vigilant … a very good observer and above all, be very responsive to its vines’ needs.
For more than 30 years now, Pierre-Paul has been working in the family estate, ploughing, digging and weeding the earth with great passion and when he discovered biodynamics, he realized that there was still a lot to be achieved; his passion has remained intact and has even developed as he embarked all his family and assistant on his project, showing them what was best for vines; we have thus been picking plants and flowers: dandelions, nestles, horsetail, etc to later prepare infusions, decoctions not for our own good but for the vines’ sake. We have learnt to observe vine plants, their wood, their leaves, just as we coddle a new-born baby.

Today, Marc Humbrecht, sharing the same passion, goes on with his patient and ever challenging work that allows us to meet people, share great moments with them around a quality product, achieved with the greatest know-how and delicacy in the deep respect of our ancestors’ traditions and life.
Being attentive to nature is paramount. We do our best to understand it but we should never forget that nature has its laws, the laws of life, that are sacred and to be respected… Man is not entitled to impose his own law.
This is why we are constantly pursuing our aim towards an ideal balance, all the way keeping in mind that we owe respect to nature.
For our mutual satisfaction, we will keep you informed every year on evolutions in our project, not forgetting the different works we do in our vineyard.