PAUL HUMBRECHT wine estate

Organic and biodynamic Alsatian wines.

Welcome to everybody eager to discover our organic and biodynamic Alsatian wines.

There’s the sky, the sun and the earth… underlying the passion of vine growers of a same family, offering you the opportunity to discover - any way you wish – its Humbrecht wines from vines cultivated according to Rudolf Steinert’s methods in biodynamics.

Vine growers from father to son since 1620, Paul Humbrecht was the first to settle in Pfaffenheim thus becoming the first in the village to bottle his wines on the property. 

His son Gustave carried on the family tradition, always maintaining the domain’s lead the way his father had done before him. This is how he managed to win customers on the Champs Elysées in Paris, like Guerlain among many others.

Pierre-Paul took over the family business in 1979, constantly pursuing his parents’ work. He thus decided to officialize his work in organic farming in 1998 and in 1999 he converted to biodynamic agriculture.

Today Marc has just taken over the family tradition and his ambition is to offer you the rewards of his ancestors’ work by taking you on a journey full of true, original sensory experiences respectful of life and nature !